Your ultimate winter go-to. The limited edition lip scrub will prep and prime your lips while the clear, Christmasy-orange flavoured lip balm will keep lips hydrated and smooth throughout the festivities. The fruity flavoured lip oil is a nourishing treatment and can be applied throughout the day or overnight for deep hydration. Use the lip tint on-the-go, a beautiful coral sheer tint to naturally brighten up your lips with everyday hydration. Lip Tint - A beautiful coral sheer tint to brighten up your lips when you want that natural look. Perfect for everyday hydration

Lip Oil - A deeply hydrating and nourishing lip oil treatment with a cherry fragrance. Apply it at nighttime or throughout the day.

Balm - Christmasy Orange flavour balm, hydrating clear, no colour

Scurb - Limited Edition Lip Scrub - A loose sugar lip scrub
LUNA by Lisa Jordan Lip Care Kit

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